Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Maid Of Honor Duties And Responsibilities Before The Wedding

As the head bridesmaid, the maid of honor enjoy a position of prestige and privilege, also carry responsibilities. She should do her best to assist the bride. To be a prefect maid of honor, you have to do many things before, in and after wedding. The RedBD wedding consultant, Kristen shares her opinions on the maid of honor duties before the wedding with us.
maid of honor duties before the wedding

1.Do exactly what the bride needs you to do-nothing more, nothing less.
2.Learn the maid of honor's customary planning tasks, including coordinating the bridesmaids, their dress fittings, planning, hosting and helping fund the bridal shower, and planning the bachelorette party.
3.Ask the bride about other planning duties she'd like you to handle. The bride may want your help choosing her dress and the bridesmaids dresses.
4.Get contact information for all the bridesmaids, especially an email address and cell phone number.
5.Send an email to each bridesmaid. Propose a date to meet one another and discuss dates for dress fittings, the bridal shower and bachelorette party.
6.Make an event calendar using a web-based calendar service.
7.Send reminders a few days before each event. For those bridesmaids who can't attend their dress fittings, supply them with the contact information they need to make an alternate appointment.

About the maid of honor duties and responsibilities in wedding day, will come in the next post.

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